Welcome to the revamped Africa Portal

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Welcome to the revamped Africa Portal

05 Aug 2017

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he South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) are proud to announce the launch of the new, revamped Africa Portal.

Established in 2010 with the aim of making African research widely and freely accessible, the Africa Portal has amassed an enviable collection of over 5 000 research documents. These relate to key themes: economics, energy and environment, governance and legislation, peace and security, health and human rights. The research material is produced by our network of 73 predominantly African research institutes and think tanks, who in turn benefit from a wider dissemination of their publications to a global community.  

Building on this success and cognisant of major shifts in our interconnected world, the Africa Portal has taken a bold step. Today we unveil a digital platform for thought leaders across the continent and beyond to share their informed perspectives on matters related to African development, economics, politics and global affairs. 

We publish analysis in various accessible formats, written by academics, journalists and subject experts. These analytical pieces are aimed at fostering understanding and engagement with policy-oriented issues and are a resource to civil society, business and policy makers. 

“We’re living in a dramatically changing world where global uncertainty necessitates more, not less, sound and topical analysis to enable informed decision-making. The Africa Portal provides a one-stop platform for those interested and invested in African policy issues,” said SAIIA chief executive Elizabeth Sidiropoulos.

The website has been redesigned with readers in mind, going beyond aesthetics to provide an enhanced user experience and improved visibility of content. The site is easier to navigate, has a sophisticated search functionality and is seamlessly accessible across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. 

“The Africa Portal is a tremendous knowledge resource tool for researchers and policy makers that only gets better with this redesign,” said CIGI President Rohinton Medhora. “Making information available was the initial focus of the Portal, and now we’ve taken the next logical step to focus on new forms of content, social sharing and accessibility."


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