EVENT: Help the African Union Commission develop a digital ID framework for the continent

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EVENT: Help the African Union Commission develop a digital ID framework for the continent

26 Jul 2021

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he African Union Commission (AUC) is working towards the adoption of a new policy framework on digital ID this year. When Research ICT Africa launched the Digital ID Dispatches from Africa series, we noted that this is partly why it is important to closely examine the ways in which socio-technical systems of identification are proposed, deployed and used on the continent.

While this series - and the research that underpins the blog posts in it - is one step towards better understanding digital ID, another important moment for doing so is the consultative workshop the AUC will host this Wednesday, 28 July 2021 to gather input on its draft Digital ID Framework. View the agenda for the workshop here.

The Framework is a step towards implementing the AUC’s visions for digital transformation on the continent. The African Union’s Digital Transformation Strategy (2020-2030) recognises the importance of an integrated and inclusive digital society and economy in Africa, and identifies inclusive and trusted digital ID systems as a crucial component of this vision. It also recognises that digital ID systems must be designed to empower people, especially disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

Consequently, the draft Framework is aimed at defining common requirements, governance mechanisms, and recommendations for further alignment between legal frameworks. The draft Framework aims to help ensure that all Africans can easily and securely access the services they need, when they need them, from both public and private sector providers.

The African Union is now welcoming broader public and multistakeholder participation in this process. To participate in the process, join the AUC and its partners in an open discussion session on Wednesday, 28 July 2021 at 10:00 AM (UTC). Interpretation in French will be provided.

To participate, register here:

Your participation can enable the continental digital ID policy to meet its envisioned objectives by reflecting the interests of all stakeholders.