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Paul D. Scott

Advisor and Chairperson, International Board of Trustees
Center for Research and Development (Zimbabwe)
Professor Paul Scott is a founding Board member and currently Chairperson of the Centre for Research and Development’s International Board of Trustees. Based at Kansai Gaidai University (Japan), as well as a course director on democratization and development at European Peace University, Austria, graduate school, Paul teaches democratization and development. He is also a professor of Modern Chinese and Japanese History.
His research interests include democracy, development and conflict studies. His most outstanding publications include; The Challenge to Democracy in Asia; Those Who Dare: Voices of Asia’s Democrats; (with Johan Galtung) Peace,  Democracy and Development and Beyond Sentimental Imperialism


  • Democracy and Development
  • Constitutionalism
  • Transitional Justice


  • Ph.D. University of Virginia
  • M.A. New York University
  • B.A. Seton Hall University

Library Articles

The Social, Economic and Environmental Implications of Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa

The primary agendas in the public domain were to comprehensively address the challenges of formal and informal miners in Chiadzwa and at the same time ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the villagers and national economic recovery. In Chiadzwa, the intrusion of mining, displaced the cultural and social mosaic while privatizing the commons and subjecting the villagers to several risks and harms...

The Social, Economic and Environmental Implications of Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa

"Diamond mining in Chiadzwa started as an illegal activity carried out by members of the community who were attempting to find alternative sources of livelihood. It is said that by 2006, De Beers (a South African Diamond Mining Company) had undertaken some feasibility studies and prospecting in Chiadzwa after being granted a prospecting order by the government. The presence of diamonds was...

Three years as British Ambassador in South Africa

This paper is the viewpoint of the British Ambassador to South Africa of the changes that took place during his period in office. Sir David Scott describes his involvement in Namibia, Rhodesia and developments in South Africa to change social and economic issues and especially black education.