Kevin Urama

A Review of the Kenyan Policy Environment for Off-grid Solar PV

Energy has been identified as one of the foundations and enablers of the socio-economic transformation visualized by Kenya in its Vision 2030 development blueprint. However many Kenyans still do not have access to affordable energy which limits socio-economic opportunities for development. This paper explores the policy environment of solar home systems in Kenya with a view of understanding the enablers and inhibitors to the development of the technology in the country.

Adapting the Innovation Histories Method for A Workshop on Solar Home Systems Uptake in Kenya

"This briefing reflects on the adaptation of the Innovation Histories method for our research project on the uptake of solar home systems (SHSs) in Kenya. It provides an overview of the method itself, how we adapted it to fit with the aims and theoretical perspectives of our research, and it reflects on our practical experiences of this process, including how we might do it differently in future. Our aim is to provide a practical point of reference for other researchers considering applying this method, particularly in the context of policy-oriented research."