Anthony Minnaar

Private Muscle Outsourcing the Provision of Criminal Justice Services

"This monograph explores the potential of outsourcing the provision of functions and services, traditionally provided by the South African criminal justice system, to both the for-profit and the not-for-profit sector. What follows is an analysis of the concept of outsourcing, its risks and benefits, and a discussion of the South African government’s outsourcing policy. Thereafter, the outsourcing policies (to the extent that they exist) and outsourcing opportunities for each core criminal justice department – policing,justice and prosecutions, and corrections – is explored."

Policing the Ports Reducing Illicit Trafficking in South Africa

Published: 2003
"Among the conclusions and recommendations arising from this study are suggestions for improvement in a number of systems. These range from information sharing to profiling risk analysis to cargo inspections. In terms of information systems, tip-offs and crime intelligence play a crucial role within the whole inspection process in the deterrence and detection of smuggled goods. It is essential that the application of the crime intelligence resulting from information analysis be used within a more integrated and co-operative framework. Other shortcomings included lack of equipment, staffing shortages and inadequate levels of professionalism and training. Consequently, some of the recommendations touch on the human factor, particularly the need for integrity testing and corruption-prevention training for security personnel."