Xinshen Diao

Works by this author

Cities and Rural Transformation a Spatial Analysis of Rural Youth Livelihoods in Ghana

Changing Structure of Africa's Economies

Towards Understanding Economic Growth in Africa: A Reinterpretation of the Lewis Model

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Strategies and Priorities for African Agriculture Economywide Perspectives from Country Studies

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Economywide Impact of Avian Flu in Ghana: A Dynamic CGE Model Analysis

Agriculture for Development in Ghana

The Role of Cocoa in Ghana's Future Development

Cost Implications of Agricultural Land Degradation in Ghana: An Economywide, Multimarket Model Assessment

Regional Disparities in Ghana: Policy Options and Public Investment Implications

Market Opportunities for African Agriculture: A General Equilibrium Examination of Demand-Side Constraints on Agricultural Growth in East and Southern Africa

Exploring Growth Linkages and Market Opportunities for Agriculture in Southern Africa

Impacts of Considering Climate Variability on Investment Decisions in Ethiopia