Xinshen Diao

Works by this author

Cities and Rural Transformation a Spatial Analysis of Rural Youth Livelihoods in Ghana

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Towards Understanding Economic Growth in Africa: A Reinterpretation of the Lewis Model

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Strategies and Priorities for African Agriculture Economywide Perspectives from Country Studies

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Impacts of Considering Climate Variability on Investment Decisions in Ethiopia

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Exploring Growth Linkages and Market Opportunities for Agriculture in Southern Africa

Agriculture for Development in Ghana

Economywide Impact of Avian Flu in Ghana: A Dynamic CGE Model Analysis

Market Opportunities for African Agriculture: A General Equilibrium Examination of Demand-Side Constraints on Agricultural Growth in East and Southern Africa

The Role of Cocoa in Ghana's Future Development

Assessing Crop Production and Input Use Patterns in Ghana – What can we learn from the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS5)?