Wilson Prichard

Dr Wilson Prichard is an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto, Research Fellow at Institute of Development Studies and Research Director at the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD).

His research focuses on the relationship between taxation and citizen demands for improved governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. His previous work has focused on political economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, including foreign investment, the formulation of economic policy and trade liberalisation, and he has worked in several countries in Africa. Prior to the ICTD he worked as a development policy activist in Washington D.C., with a focus on HIV/AIDS and international trade.

Works by this author

Strengthening Tax-accountability Links: Fiscal Transparency and Taxpayer Engagement in Ghana and Sierra Leone

How Can Governments of Low-Income Countries Collect More Tax Revenue?

Simplifying Property Tax Administration in Africa: Piloting a Points Based Valuation in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Norms, Networks, Power and Control: Understanding Informal Payments and Brokerage in Cross-border Trade in Sierra Leone

Linking Beneficial Ownership Transparency to Improved Tax Revenue Collection in Developing Countries

Informal Taxation in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Taxpayers’ Experiences and Perceptions

Donors, Aid and Taxation in Developing Countries: An Overview

Norms, Power and the Socially Embedded Realities of Market Taxation in Northern Ghana