Thomas Isbell

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Footing the Bill? Less Legitimacy, More Avoidance Mark African Views on Taxation

Troubling Tax Trends: Fewer Africans Support Taxation, More Say People Avoid Paying

Citizen Engagement in Gambia: Enough to Secure Democratic Gains?

All in this Together? Social Tensions in the Post-Jammeh Gambia

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Despite Freedoms seen as Growing, Tunisians Show Limited Citizen Engagement

Gabonese say President should be Accountable to Courts and Parliament but often Ignores both

Guineans want Accountable Government and Presidential Term Limits

Despite Concerns about Electoral Commission and Conflict, Mauritians Value Open Elections

Sudanese Voice Support for Elections, Accountability, Limits on Presidential Powers

Gambians with Clear Message to Government: Focus on Service Delivery

In eSwatini, Citizens Doubt Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana, but Few would Report Violations

Batswana Report Improving Gender Equality and Approve of Government Efforts

In Togo, Inadequate Health Services Feed Growing Dissatisfaction with Government Performance

With Lived Poverty on the Rise, Guineans Grow Pessimistic, Critical of Government Performance

For Senegalese Women, Advancement is Real but Uneven

For Sudanese, Deep Economic Discontent Underpins Mass Movement for Change

Cyclones add to Mozambique's Public Health Challenges / Ciclones aumentam os desafios de saúde pública em Moçambique

Limits of gender Equality: Poor Uneducated Mozambicans Less Likely to see Improvement

Namibians Look to Social Movement to Prompt Government Action on Land Reform

Burkinabe See Improving Health Care Delivery, but Gaps in Serving the Poor and some Regions

How Trustworthy and Professional is Togo's Military? Depends on whom you ask

Almost Half of Malawians Consider Emigration; Most-educated are Most Likely to Look Overseas

With Elections a Year Away, Mauritians are Increasingly Critical of Government Performance

Tanzanians Express strong support for Elections, Multiparty Competition, Presidential term Limits

Nigerians Support Elections and Multiparty Competition but Mistrust Electoral Commission

Zambians see Progress on Education Despite Persistent Inequalities

Most Togolese Mistrust Electoral Commission, would prefer Non-partisan, Technical Alternative

Seven Years in, Slimmer Majority of Kenyans see Military Action in Somalia as Necessary

Basotho Support Limits on Executive Power and Transparency in Use of Public Information

Togolese express Tolerance toward (most) Minorities and Support for Gender Equality

Ill-prepared? Health Care Service Delivery in Zimbabwe

Citizen Engagement in Botswana: Beyond Voting, How much Interest in Participation

Basotho Increasingly Favour Legalizing Dual Citizenship, Unifying with South Africa

Who's Watching? Voters Seen as Key in Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Tax Compliance: Africans Affirm Civic Duty but Lack Trust in Tax Department

Malawians Increasingly Cautious about Exercising Right to 'Free' Political Speech

Efficacy for Fighting Corruption: Evidence from 36 African Countries

A No -Confidence Vote? Mozambicans still Vote, but Faith in Democracy is Slipping / Um voto de desconfiança? Os Moçambicanos ainda votam, mas a fé na democracia está a diminuir

Digging a Future? Citizens see Positive Impact of Mining in Madagascar

Are Africans Willing to Pay Higher Taxes or User Fees for Better Health Care?

Winds of Change? Attitudes toward Renewable Energy Policy in Mauritius