Tebogo B. Seleka

Tebogo Bruce Seleka is the Executive Director of the Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA), the position he has held since September 2010. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University (USA), with specializations in public policy, applied economics and production economics. He also holds MS and BS degrees in Agricultural Economics, both from Oklahoma State University (USA), where he respectively majored in International Trade Policy and Marketing and Business. Previously, Dr Seleka was Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Incomes, Welfare and Poverty Unit at BIDPA, and Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Agricultural Economics, Education and Extension at the Botswana College of Agriculture as Lecturer (University of Botswana). His research interests include Public Policy, Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Trade, Production Economics, Poverty and Social Protection.

Works by this author

Effects of Input Subsidies on Subsistence Crop Acreage Diversity in Botswana

Competitiveness of ACP Sugar Exports in the Global Market

Revealed Comparative Advantage in the Global Citrus Market and Implications for South Africa

Determinants of Household Welfare and Poverty in Botswana, 2002/03 and 2009/10

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Export Competitiveness of Botswana’s Beef Industry

Do Public Transfers Discourage Farmer Participation in Subsistence Crop Production? Empirical evidence from Botswana

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The Feasability of Mandatory Fortification of Cereals in Botswana

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Diversification in Botswana's Agricultural Sector : Issues, Prospects and Challenges

Social Safety Nets in Botswana Administration, Targetting and Sustainability

Challenges for Agricultural Diversification in Botswana under the Proposed SADC EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

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