Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott

Works by this author

SADC Futures of e-Mobility: EVs as Enablers of a New Energy Paradigm

SADC e-Mobility Scenarios: Pathways beyond the ICE age

The Circular Economy: Including Africa in Europe's Circle

Introducing Electric Vehicles to Southern Africa: A Systemic Innovation Approach Towards a Green New Deal

Mapping Current Trends in Infrastructure Financing in Low-Income Countries in Africa within the Context of the African Development Fund

The SADC EPA: How can the Agreement Contribute to Lesotho's Agriculture and Agro-processing Sector Development?

The Impact of the SADC EPA on South Africa's Agriculture and Agro-processing Sectors

The SADC EPA - Opportunities in the Agro-processing Sectors of South Africa and Lesotho

Will the ‘Ramaphosa dawn’ ripple across SADC?

Power and the Private Sector in Tanzania: Prospects for the AFDB's High Fives Strategy

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New Development Bank: Moving the BRICS From an Acronym to an Institution

Making sustainable Development the Key Focus of the BRICS New Development Bank

Regional Co-operation in the Telecommunications Sector via CRASA

The Regional Integration of Public Goods

The Impact of Transfrontier Conservation Areas on Regional Integration

Strengthening parliamentary democracy in SADC countries: Namibia Country Report

The TDCA: Impacts, lessons and perspectives for EU-South and Southern African relations

MERCOSUR & SADC regional integration in the South

SACU - One Hundred Not Out: What future for the Customs Union?

What Does the Future Hold for SACU? From Own Goal to Laduma! Scenarios for the Future of the Southern African Customs Union

Eurafrique? Africa and Europe in a New Century

Eurafrique? Africa and Europe in a New Century