Stephen Ndoma

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Local Government Councillors and MPs Falling Short of Zimbabweans' Expectations

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Though Alert to its Dangers, Zimbabweans Embrace Social Media and Demand Unrestricted Access

Zimbabweans Endorse Government's COVID-19 Response but Voice Concerns about Corruption and Lack of Assistance

COVID-19 Lockdown a Crisis for Informal Traders Disadvantaged by Government Inaction

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Cash Shortages Pose a Threat to Zimbabwe's Fight Against COVID-19

Zimbabwe's MPs, Local Councillors Get Poor Ratings on Responsiveness and Performance

Zimbabweans Affirm Right to Government Information, but Skeptical about Access

Zimbabweans See Progress on Women's Rights, Applaud Government Efforts to Promote Equality

Popular Trust in National Electoral Commission a Question Mark as Zimbabwe Enters a New Era

Majority of Zimbabweans want Government Out of Private Communications, Religious Speech

Almost Half of Zimbabweans have Considered Emigrating: Job Search is Main Pull Factor

Contrary to Court Ruling, Zimbabweans Endorse Parental Right to Physically Discipline Children

Zimbabweans Want Open and Honest Elections, Fear Political Intimidation and Violence

Zimbabweans Still Dissatisfied with the Economy and Doubt Usefulness of Bond Notes

Zimbabweans Demand Accountability in Governance, Doubt Efficacy of Elections

In Zimbabwe, Tolerance Crosses Ethnic, Religious, National - but not Sexual - Lines

Zimbabweans strongly Favour Free Cross-border Movement but hold Mixed Views of SADC

Facing Drought, Can Zimbabwe Improve on History of Food Shortage, Poor Management

Zimbabweans Support Free Media as Watchdog, Question Media's Effectiveness and Integrity

Reaching for Equality: Zimbabweans Endorse Gender Equity in Politics but Say Citizens Treated Unequaly Before the Law

MDC-T Defeat in Zimbabwe: Was it only due to Intimidation?

Citizen Engagement in Zimbabwe at Lowest Level in a Decade

Zimbabweans Support Taxation but Perceive Tax Officials as Corrupt, Demand Accountability

Demand for Competitive Multiparty Politics is High in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans See Corruption on the Increase but Fear Consequences of Reporting