Stellah Kwasi

Stellah Kwasi is a researcher on African Futures and Innovation at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria. 

Works by this author

Race to Sustainability? Egypt's Challenges and Opportunities to 2050

Stagnation or Growth? Algeria's Development Pathway to 2040

Waking the Sleeping Giant: Development Pathways for the Democratic Republic of the Congo to 2050

The Rebirth: Tunisia’s Potential Development Pathways to 2040

Impact of COVID-19 in Africa: A Scenario Analysis to 2030

Angolan Futures 2050: Beyond Oil

Emerging Giant: Potential Pathways for Ethiopia to 2040

Prospects for the G5 Sahel Countries to 2040

Great Zimbabwe: Alternative Prospects to 2040

Good mental healthcare should be part of peacebuilding