Stefan Gilbert

Stefan Gilbert joined ISS in June 2013 and is a Senior Researcher on Governance and Corruption. Stefan began his civil society career in London, with International Alert (conflict prevention and resolution), after which he worked for the Children`s Rights Project at the Community Law Centre of the University of the Western Cape. Before joining ISS, he spent eight years with IDASA as a Governance Specialist. Over the past 15 years, Stefan has worked in 27 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Recent work included running a campaign involving a network of civil society and political stakeholders to promote and seek the ratification of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance. The majority of the work undertaken while in civil society has been advocacy in its various forms, engaging with actors at all levels of the political spectrum. In addition to being an accredited BRIDGE Facilitator, he has a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz; a Masters in European Affairs from the University of Lund, Sweden; and, an LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.