Simon A. Akindes

Dr. Akindes was (still is) an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Law the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in the USA where he taught courses in Comparative Politics, Democracy and Democratization in Africa, Identity and Politics, Music, Politics and Human Rights, International Studies and Politics of Developing Countries. His multidisciplinary background—political science, international affairs, literature and education— has allowed him to develop a uniquely blended research agenda. He has published educational books, academic articles, book chapters, essays and made numerous presentations on electoral politics in African Côte d’Ivoire, democracy and democratization in Africa, politics and popular culture especially music, identity politics, knowledge, technology and society, and sports in Africa.

Dr. Akindes’ recent academic interests focus on the politics of Identity, Citizenship and Conflicts in Africa, on comparative studies between the Left in Latin America and Africa, on connections between Afro-Cuban culture and music and Africa, and on the role of popular culture in the process of peace-building.