Shingirirai Savious Mutanga

Mr Shingirirai Mutanga is a well-established researcher in field of applied GIS and Remote Sensing. Currently he is working as a research specialist under the Science and Technology programme of the Africa Institute of South Africa a division of the Human Science Research Council. He is also a PhD candidate with the University of Pretoria Industrial Engineering Department. Among his recent publications is the edited book Africa in a changing global environment. He holds an MSc in Geo-Information Science and Earth observation for environmental modelling and management, from a consortium of four universities namely Southampton (UK), Lund (Sweden), Warsaw Poland and ITC (Netherlands); and a Hons in Geography and Environmental Science from Midlands University, Zimbabwe. His research interests are in ecosystems transformation; complex social-ecological systems; land use; land cover; mapping; natural resources management; web GIS and database management.


Works by this author

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