Shebo Nalishebo

Shebo Nalishebo is a Research Fellow in charge of Public Finance at the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR). He has also served as an associate researcher in the Human Development unit of ZIPAR. Prior to joining ZIPAR in 2012, he served in various capacities at the Central Statistical Office from 2001-2012. This includes Economic Census Manager for the Economic Census whose results have been used to rebase and benchmark the national accounts for Zambia; Principal Statistician in charge of National Accounts Statistics, responsible for computing Zambia’s Gross Domestic Product during 2006-2012. He holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom (2008) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Zambia (2000). He also holds post-graduate qualifications in national accounts (InWent, Germany, 2004) and economic statistics (UNSIAP, Japan, 2009). His research interests include economic growth, public finance, modelling of financial markets data, tourism, poverty, employment and prouctivity. He has published works on the middle class, contributing family workers, creative industries and tax evasion. 


Works by this author

An Analysis of the Legal Framework for Public Debt Management in Zambia

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In search of Zambia’s 'hidden' public debt

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