Sehlare Makgetlaneng

Dr Sehlare Makgetlaneng is a Chief Research Specialist and Head of Governance and Security Programme at the Africa Institute of South Africa. He holds a PhD in Political Science, with African Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Economy and International Relations as sub-fields, Master of Public Administration from Atlanta University, and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Clark College in the United States of America. He has lectured Political Science at the University of Venda, International Relations at North-West University and in the South African Politics and Political Economy Masters Programme, being responsible for South African Political Economy, at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His  research interests are African socio-political and economic transformation, African continental and Southern African regional integration, the role of political governance in Africa’s development, progress and democracy, the centrality of Africa in South Africa’s international relations and cooperation and foreign policy, the United States’ Africa policy, and the relationship between internal and external factors in African politics. He has published extensively on African affairs issues, developments and processes.  He is concerned with key socio-political and economic issues in international affairs and how they affect South Africa, Southern Africa and the African continent.
He is a member of International Relations Subcommittee of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress. He also serves as a member of the ANC’s Task Team on the Pan-African Parliament.  He is a member of the International Expert Group of the Russian Centre for Policy Studies.

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