Sarah Ssewanyana

Sarah Ssewanyana is currently the Executive Director of the Economic Policy Research Centre. Sarah joined EPRC in March 2003 from the Makerere University Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics where she had lectured to graduate and undergraduate students for more than ten years. She holds a Ph.D in Agricultural Economics from the University of Sydney. Sarah is currently spearheading the poverty research work at the Centre. Her areas of research and publication include food security, child nutrition, higher education and poverty. She has accumulated experience in analyzing large time series of cross-sectional data such as the Uganda National Household Survey data series. 


Works by this author

Harnessing the Development Potential of Household Enterprises in the COVID-19 Environment in Uganda

The Impact of COVID-19 on Industries without Smokestacks in Uganda

Drivers for Early Labour Market Transitions of Young Women in Uganda: Evidence from the 2015 School to Work Transition Survey

Education, Marriage, Fertility and Labour Market Experiences of Young Women in Uganda: Evidence from a Qualitative Assessment

A Pathway to Social Protection Development in Uganda: A Synthesis Report

Progressivity or Regressivity in Uganda's Tax System: Implications for the Fy2014/15 Tax Proposals

Uganda's Progress Towards Poverty Reduction during the last Decade 2002/3-2012/13 : Is the Gap Between Leading and Lagging Areas Widening or Narrowing?

Causes of Health Inequalities in Uganda: Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys

Poverty and Inequality Dynamics in Uganda: Insights from the Uganda National Panel Surveys 2005/6 and 2009/10

Food Security and Child Nutrition Status among Urban Poor Households in Uganda: Implications for Poverty Alleviation