Pamela Abbott

Works by this author

Legal and Policy Framework for Children’s Rights in Rwanda

Disaffected and Delinquent Male Youth in Rwanda: Understanding Pathways to Delinquency and the Role of Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Training Final Report

Gender Analysis for Sustainable Livelihoods and Participatory Governance in Rwanda

European Report on Development : Rwanda Case Study

Challenges to Achieving Sustainable Sanitation in Informal Settlements of Kigali, Rwanda

Avoiding Tax Competition and the “Race to the Bottom”

Raising Productivity and Reducing the Risks of Household Enterprises in Rwanda

Aid Effectiveness in Rwanda:Who Benefits?

Against The Odds: Achieving the MDGs in Rwanda

Rwanda Country Study: Raising Productivity and Reducing the Risk of Household Enterprise: Fieldwork Report

Millennium Development Goals Progress Report

Agricultural Policy and Institutional Framework for Transformation of Agriculture, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction in Rwanda