Works by this author

Land Degradation and Adoption of Conservation Technologies in the Digil Watershed Northern Highland of Ethiopia

The Impacts of Civil Wars on Basic Education in the Great Lakes Region: A case study of Tanzania

Health Care Financing under Structural Adjustment: Some reflections from the health insurance experience of Khartoum State Sudan

Household Seasonal Food Insecurity in Oromiya Zone, Ethiopia: Causes

Conflict Resolution through Cultural Tolerance : An Analysis of the Michu Institution in Metekkel Region, Ethiopia

Valuing Tropical Grasslands: The Case of Overstocking in Northeastern Uganda

Non-Farm Activities and Production Decision of Farmers

An Exploratory Study of Land Use, Management and Degradation

Deforestation in Tanzania: A Development Crisis?

Crossing the Poverty Line: The Density of Sudanese Middle Class Public Sector Employees

The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on The Health Sector in The Sudan: A Case of Khartoum State

Impact of Structural Adjustment Policy on the Energy Crisis and the Environment: A Gender Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Households

The Development Trap: Militarization, Environmental Degradation and Poverty and Prospects of Military Conversion

Structural Adjustment, the Psychological Contract and Discretionary Cooperation of Labour

Kenana: A Largescale Sugar Project in the Sudan An Economic Evaluation Commercial and Social Appraisal of the Kenana Sugar Project

The Specification and Estimation of a Macroeconometric Model of Botswana

Occasional Papers Series No 1