Nisreen Ismail

Nisreen is the founder of Anahata021, an alternative and holistic health service. Her desire to understand and help people stemmed from traumatic life experiences. In a traditional mindset, she embarked on a career in Human Resources Management in varied global industries and witnessed the importance of taking an alternative approach to well being. Over the last ten years, she traveled the world learning different practices of martial arts, yoga, meditation and other holistic methods in countries and cities such as Nepal, India, Bali and Thailand. Her commitment to leading a heart-centred life and the sense of wellbeing these experiences have brought, now drives her to share her knowledge with others. Nisreen is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and hosts local and international workshops and retreats. She has also developed various corporate wellbeing initiatives. For more information about her work, follow her on  Instagram @Anahata021.

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