Nhial Tiitmamer

Works by this author

South Sudan's Devastating Floods: Why they Happen and Why they Need a Coherent National Policy

Confronting a Life-threatening Pollution: A Guide for Credible Environmental and Social Audit of Petroleum Companies' Operations in South Sudan

Compliance with Petroleum Industry Transparency and Accountability Rules in South sudan

Transitioning to Renewable Energy: An Analysis of Energy Situation in Juba, South Sudan

Climate Service Model for South Sudan's Rural Farmers and Agro-pastoralists

Climate Change and Gender in South Sudan

The Petroleum Revenue Sharing Arrangement in South Sudan

Climate Change and Conflicts in South Sudan

Understanding the Cessation of Hostilities Agreements Violations in South Sudan

The Revitalization of the ARCSS and the Prospects for Peace in South Sudan

The State of the South Sudanese National Unity

Making Sense of South Sudan's New Petroleum HSE Management System and Plan Regulations

Sporadic Fuel Crisis in South Sudan: Causes Impacts and Solutions