Morné Oosthuizen

Morné joined the DPRU in 2002, becoming Senior Researcher later that year. He became Deputy Director in 2006.

After graduating cum laude with a B Comm Honours in Economics in 1999, Morné spent a year at the University of Cambridge. He then graduated cum laude from the University of Stellenbosch with an M.Comm in Economics in 2002.

Morné’s research interests include: labour markets, poverty and social inequality, inflation, wage inequality, economic demography and microeconomics. 


Works by this author

Modelling the Demographic Dividend: A Review of Methodologies

Job Quality in South Africa: A Proposed Index for Ongoing Monitoring of Job Quality

Employment Creation Potential, Labor Skills Requirements, and Skill Gaps for Young People: A South African Case Study

Social Assistance Amidst the Covid-19 Epidemic in South Africa: An Impact Assessment

The Economics of COVID-19 in South Africa: Early Impressions

Jobs and COVID-19: Measuring Work-Related Physical Interaction

Vulnerability in Employment: Evidence from South Africa

Demographic Employment and Wage Trends in South Africa

Informality and Inclusive Growth in Sub Saharan Africa

Maximising South Africa's Demographic Dividend

Inflation Inequality in South Africa

The Post-Apartheid South African Labour Market

The Post-Apartheid Labour Market: 1995 -2004

Internal Migration to the Gauteng Province

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