Michelle Chivunga

Michelle Chivunga is the founder and CEO of Global Policy House – a diaspora investment, digital economy and blockchain solutions business exploring emerging technologies in the context of emerging markets, trade, enterprise and sustainable development. Often referred to as a young thought leader and investor in the Blockchain and Finance space, Michelle has been recognised as one of the ‘Top 10 Women in Blockchain in Africa’; and one of ‘Top 40 Global Fellows for Fintech4Good’ working with the UN and others. She is a Senior Adviser to several governments including the Government of Bermuda, the African Union, British Blockchain and global institutions. In addition, Michelle is the African regional lead for the International Chamber of Commerce, UK, and Ambassador for the World Union of Small Medium Enterprises. In these and numerous other capacities, Michelle works across borders to source financing and evaluate the impact of emerging technology for different segments, helping to educate through executive education programmes designed to equip professionals in how to leverage digital tools and helping to build capacity, bring new digital solutions and drive forward inclusive and sustainable development.

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