Mark Malan

Works by this author

Between a Rock and a Hard Place The UN and the Protection of Civilians in South Sudan

Intelligence in African Peace Operations: Addressing the Deficit

Transition with Minimal Assistance: Lessons from Guinea-Bissau?

Conflict Prevention in Africa : Theoretical Construct or Plan of Action?

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Whither Peacekeeping in Africa?

'Renaissance Peacekeeping' - A South African Solution to Conflict in the DRC?

The OAU and African Sub Regional Organisations - A Closer Look at the ‘Peace Pyramid’

Regional Power Politics under Cover of SADC - Running Amok with a Mythical Organ

Peacekeeping in Africa - Trends and Responses

Mercenaries and Mischief : The Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Bill

US Response to African Crises : An Overview and Preliminary Analysis of the ACRI

SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security : Future Development

Surveying the Middle Ground : Conceptual Issues and Peace Keeping in Southern Africa