Lucas Katera

Dr Katera is an Economist with practical experience on research and policy analysis particularly in the areas of poverty, public policy, and service delivery. He has worked and published intensively on Local Government in areas of service delivery; finance and financial management; and governance and accountability.

In his various engagements in research, Dr Katera has been involved in data collection, survey plan and supervision, data template design and preparation, data entry and analysis and report writing. He is conversant with a number of quantitative methods and statistical software.

Under the Research and Analysis Technical Working Group (RAWG), of the MKUKUTA (a Swahili acronym for the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) in Tanzania) Monitoring System whose Secretariat was housed at REPOA, Dr Katera served as an overall in charge when directing Policy Analysis. One of the main assignments of this Working Group was to produce the bi-annual Poverty and Human Development Report (PHDR). Within this context, one of his main assignments was the compilation of different commissioned studies for the production of Poverty and Human Development Report for relevant years, and a co-authored a chapter on status of poverty. Dr Katera is also a member of the MKUKUTA Monitoring Technical Committee and the Census and Survey Technical Working Groups.

His most recent work, which was part of his PhD, focused analysis on growth consequences of the human capital in the form of formal schooling attained, and financial capital in the form of off-farm employment, in promoting rural economy.



Works by this author

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