Luca Tiberti

Works by this author

Heterogeneity in Migration Responses to Climate Shocks: Evidence from Madagascar

The Effect of Weather Shocks on Women's Labor Supply and the Income of Women-headed Household in Lesotho

Électrification Rurale et Autonomisation de la Femme en Côte d’Ivoire/ Rural Electrification and Women's Empowerment in Côte d'Ivoire.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Food Security: Panel Data Evidence from Nigeria

Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare? Evidence from Ethiopia

Urbanization is Improving Household Welfare in Ethiopia

Working while Studying: Employment Premium or Penalty for Youth in Benin?

The Role of Weather on Schooling and Work of Young Adults in Madagascar

Impact of Increased Public Education Spending on Growth and Poverty in Uganda: An Integrated Micor-Macro Approach