Ibrahima Hathie

Works by this author

Effets de la COVID-19 sur les Ménages Agricoles et Ruraux du Sénégal / Effects of COVID-19 on Agricultural and Rural Households in Senegal

Leave no One Behind: A Cross-Country Synthesis

Southern Voice Measuring Post-2015 Sustainable Development in Senegal Phase II Follow-up Study

A New Trans-Disciplinary Approach to Regional Integrated Assessment of Climate Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems

Contrat - Cadre Beneficiaires 2013 – Lot N°1 : Developpement Rural et Securite Alimentaire - Analyse d'économie Politique (PEA) des Filières de l'Arachide et du Riz au Sénégal Rapport final – Mai 2016 / Contract regarding Beneficiaries Framework for 2013

Identification des Possibilités d’appui aux Filières de Commercialisation Porteuses / Identifying Opportunities to Support Promising Marketing Channels

Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Farmers in Nioro du Rip, Senegal: An Integrated Assessment