Ibrahim Kasirye

Works by this author

What Explains Uganda's Surge in Laundry Soap and Cooking Oil Prices in 2021/22?

What Interventions are Required to Achieve Gender Balance in Political Representation at the Local Government Level?

Expanding Fiscal Space for Social Protection: The Case for Adolescent-oriented Services

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Community Involvement Improves Performance in Ugandan Primary Schools

Drivers for Early Labour Market Transitions of Young Women in Uganda: Evidence from the 2015 School to Work Transition Survey

Education, Marriage, Fertility and Labour Market Experiences of Young Women in Uganda: Evidence from a Qualitative Assessment

Tobacco Control in Uganda: An Analysis of the Impact of Taxation on Consumption Patterns

Overcoming the Reproductive Health Challenges to Young Women’s Employment Prospects in Uganda

Using Taxation to Control Tobacco Consumption in Uganda

Improving the Growth and Transition of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area

Progressivity or Regressivity in Uganda's Tax System: Implications for the Fy2014/15 Tax Proposals

Creating Youth Employment Through Entrepreneurship Financing : The Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fund

Uganda's Progress Towards Poverty Reduction during the last Decade 2002/3-2012/13 : Is the Gap Between Leading and Lagging Areas Widening or Narrowing?

HIV/AIDS Sero-Prevalence and Socio-Economic Status: Evidence from Uganda

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions in Uganda: A Policy Simulation

HIV/AIDS Sero-prevalence and Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Uganda.

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Institutional Constraints to Agricultural Development in Uganda

Understanding the Recent Food Price Trends in Uganda

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Cost Effectiveness of Malaria Control Programmes in Uganda: The Case Study of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) and Indoor Residual Spraying

Better Nutrition for Children in Uganda: The Policy Makers Role