Hany Besada

Works by this author

Glimpse of hope in West Africa: The experience of South African Firms doing business in Ghana

Meeting the Sphinx: The experience of South African firms doing business in Egypt

Francophone Africa's jewel: The experience of doing business in Senegal

The Environment and Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe

Climate Change in Africa: Adaptation, Mitigation and Governance Challenges

Picking Up the Pieces of Zimbabwe's Economy

China's Growing Economic Presence in Africa

The Implications of China's Ascendancy for Africa

From Civil Strife to Peacebuilding: The Private Sector's Role in West African Reconstruction

Zimbabwe in Crisis: Mugabe's Policies and Failures

Fragile Stability: Post-Apartheid South Africa

Enduring Political Divides in South Africa

Egypt's Constitutional Test: Averting the March toward Islamic Fundamentalism