Habtamu Wondimu

Prof. Habtamu has taught courses in research methods, social psychology, group and organizational dynamics, program evaluation, gender and peace, etc. and supervised dozens of students working on their MA and PhD theses on social and educational issues including peace, security and conflict. He has Published over 50 articles and books on social, educational and psychological issues including on peace and human rights education, ethnic conflict management, values and parenting styles, equity in higher education, gratification patterns among farmers and workers in Ethiopia, psychological modernity among youth, farmers and workers, challenges of cultural pluralism and diversity, family violence, problems of the Ethiopian youth, ethnic identity and stereotypes, conflict resolution in families and interpersonal violence in schools.
Prof. Habtamu had been the Head of Psychology Department, Director of College of Education and Behavioral Studies and Coordinator of academic programs at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies.
He is the founding member of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and winner of various awards including the Fulbright New Century Scholar and MOE Distinguished Teacher Award (2011);Resident Vice President and President of OSSREA(since 2006-), President of Ethiopian Psychologists Association(1997-2000), President of the Ethiopian Educational Researchers Association (1995-2006). Served as consultant on various social and educational issues (for MOLSA, MOE, UNICEF and others).