Greg Mills

Works by this author

More than Just Numbers: The Implications of EU Enlargement from 15-25 for South Africa's Trade Strategy

Towards China Inc? Assessing the implications for Africa

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Chile and South Africa lessons and opportunities arising from political and economic transition

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Poles Apart or States Together? Israel, South Africa and the Middle East Crisis

Morocco and South Africa globalisation, development and pivotal states

Zimbabwe before and after the elections: A concerned assessment

Ghana after Rawlings

Sudan: Complexity, conflict and co-operation

The Iberian Connection Strategies for growth and co-operation in Spanish-South African Relations

Regional integration in Southern Africa: Comparative International perspectives

The Commonwealth in the 21st Century

The privatisation of Security in Africa

South Africa & Southern Africa: Regional integration and emerging markets

US-South Africa relations and the "Pariah" states

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From isolation to integration? : The South African economy in the 1990s

South Africa in the global economy

Peace-keeping in Rwanda