Emmanuel Sulle

Works by this author

Tanzanian Food Producers, Vendors and Traders Need Direct Relief Measures in the Face of the COVID-19

Saving Africa's Vanishing Wildlife: How Civil Society can Help Turn the Tide

Study of Sugarcane outgrowing at Kilombero

International and Regional Guidelines on Land Governance and Land-based Investments: An Agenda for African States

The Role of the State and Foreign Capital in Agricultural Commercialisation: The Case of Sugarcane Outgrowers in Kilombero district, Tanzania

Inclusive Business Models in Agriculture? Learning From Smallholder Cane Growers in Mozambique

MAPS Provocateur Briefing Report Forum on Development and Mitigation - Adressing Land Use Change in South Africa

Biofuels Investment and Community Land Tenure in Tanzania: The Case of Bioshape, Kilwa District

Foreign Land Deals in Tanzania: An Update and a Critical View on the Challenges of Data (re)production

Reframing the New Alliance Agenda: A Critical Assessment Based on Insights from Tanzania