Deon Geldenhuys

Works by this author

What Do We Think: A Survey of White Opinion on Foreign Policy Issues No. 3

The Politics of International Seclusion: A Study of Self-Isolated States

What Do We Think? A Survey of white Opinion on Foreign Policy Issues, Number Two

The neutral option and Sub-continental solidarity: A consideration of Foreign Minister Pik Botha's Zürich statement of 7 March 1979

The role of multinational corporations in South Africa

The Constellation of Southern African States and the Southern African Development Co-Ordination Council: Towards a new regional stalemate?

Sanctions against South Africa

Some foreign policy implications of South Africa's "total national strategy" with particular reference to the "12-point plan"

South Africa's black homelands: past objectives, present realities and future developments

What do we think? A survey of white opinion on foreign policy issues

International attitudes on the recognition of Transkei

South Africa's search for security since the Second World War

The foreign relations of South Africa's provinces

US-South Africa relations and the "Pariah" states