Deon Geldenhuys

Works by this author

The foreign relations of South Africa's provinces

US-South Africa relations and the "Pariah" states

The Politics of International Seclusion: A Study of Self-Isolated States

What Do We Think: A Survey of White Opinion on Foreign Policy Issues No. 3

What Do We Think? A Survey of white Opinion on Foreign Policy Issues, Number Two

What do we think? A survey of white opinion on foreign policy issues

South Africa's black homelands: past objectives, present realities and future developments

Some foreign policy implications of South Africa's "total national strategy" with particular reference to the "12-point plan"

The Constellation of Southern African States and the Southern African Development Co-Ordination Council: Towards a new regional stalemate?

The role of multinational corporations in South Africa

Sanctions against South Africa

International attitudes on the recognition of Transkei

The neutral option and Sub-continental solidarity: A consideration of Foreign Minister Pik Botha's Zürich statement of 7 March 1979

South Africa's search for security since the Second World War