David Bruce

Works by this author

The Use of Less-Lethal Weapons in South African Prisons and Crowd Management

Investigating Corruption in South Africa: Cooperation or Conflict?

The Sound of Gunfire: the Police Shootings at Marikana Scene 2, 16 August 2012

Working for Safety: The Community Work Programme as a Tool for Preventing Violence and Building Safer Communities

The Good, the Better and the Best: How the Community Work Programme can Reach its Full Potential as an Instrument of Community Development in South Africa

Commissioners and Commanders Police Leadership and the Marikana Massacre

Ending the Age of the Marginal Majority An Exploration of Strategies to Overcome Youth Exclusion, Vulnerability and Violence in Southern Africa

Political Killings in South Africa The Ultimate Intimidation

Counting the Covert Using Data to Understand Corruption in South Africa