Dan Smith

Dan Smith is the Director of SIPRI. The Director participates in Governing Board meetings without voting rights. He has a long record of research and publication on a wide range of conflict and peace issues including such as the relationship between climate change and insecurity, peace and security issues in the Middle East, peacebuilding, the ethics of forcible intervention in conflicts, gender aspects of conflict and peacebuilding,  and global conflict trends. Smith served four years in the UN Peacebuilding Fund Advisory group, two of which (2010–2011) were as Chair. Smith has an intimate knowledge of how peacebuilding works (or doesn’t) in a wide variety of countries and regions. He is also a renowned scholar and analyst. He was part-time Professor of Peace and Conflict at the University of Manchester, attached to the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute from January 2014 to mid-2017 and continues with an Honorary Professorship today. He is the author of successive editions of atlases of politics, war and peace, and the Middle East and blogs on international politics at www.dansmithsblog.com. He has lived most of his adult life in the UK with a 10-year spell in Norway. He has travelled professionally to more than 60 countries.

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