Berouk Mesfin

Berouk Mesfin is a senior researcher in charge of the Horn of Africa region with the Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis Division of the Institute for Security Studies. Prior to joining the Institute for Security Studies, he has worked as a political adviser to the US Mission to the African Union (2007). Moreover, he has held several positions at the Addis Ababa University (2002-2005) including assistant dean of the College of Social Sciences and lecturer in political science and international relations. He was also a research associate at the Institute of Development Research. Before joining Addis Ababa University, he had served as an intelligence analyst at the Ethiopian Ministry of National Defence (1997-1999).

Berouk has authored numerous papers on African political and security issues. His most recent papers include: “Horn of Africa Geopolitics in the 21st Century”; “Ethiopia’s Role and Foreign Policy in the Horn of Africa”; “Elections, Politics and External Involvement in Djibouti”; “The Architecture and Conduct of Intelligence in Ethiopia (1974-1991)”; “The Political Development of Somaliland and its Conflict with Puntland”; “The Establishment and Implications of the US Africa Command: An African Perspective”; “Electoral Dispute Resolution in Africa: The Case of Ethiopia”; “The Djibouti-Eritrea Border Dispute”; “Democracy, Elections and Political Parties: A Conceptual Overview with Special Emphasis on Africa”. Berouk is also the author of two book chapters: “The Impact of Globalization on Africa” and “The Horn of Africa Security Complex”. He is the co-editor of a monograph entitled Regional Security in the Post-Cold War Horn of Africa (2011) and of a conference proceeding entitled A Critical Look at the 2011 North African Revolutions and their Implications (2012).

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