Ben Chigara

Ben Chigara, Ph.D. Nottingham University; LL.M. with Distinction and Josephine Ono Prize, Hull University; B.A. (Hons) Keele University; C.E. University of Zimbabwe. Ben joined Brunel University from Warwick in 2003. He is the founding Director of the Centre for International and Public Law (CIPL) that was inaugurated by Lord Bill Brett on 11 May 2004. He is the founding Director of Brunel University’s flagship Masters programmes in International Economic Law; International Intellectual Property; and European and International Commercial Law. He is the founding Deputy Head (Operations) of the Brunel Law School. Ben has also held lectureships at Warwick University (2001-03); Leeds University (1999-2001); Oxford Brookes University (1998-99); and various teaching positions at Nottingham University (1997-1999); Denmark (1989-1990) and Zimbabwe (1984 -1989). He is the author of several books, book chapters and journal articles. He is consultant to the European Scientific Foundation, the European Commission; the International Labour Organization (ILO); and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR). He is Research Professor of International Laws at Brunel University, West London. He has links with international think-tanks, including Public Administration International (PAI), The Oxford Research Group (ORG), and The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). His research focuses on the development and enforcement of human rights norms and processes for ensuring the recognition, promotion and protection of the inherent dignity of individuals. He specialises in policy reform paradigms for the purposes of ensuring the rule of law, good governance and sustainable regional integration.