Ann Bernstein

Works by this author

Inclusive Economic Growth

Radical Economic Transformation

Opportunities First: A New Lens to Shape Priorities for Action in Middle-Income Countries

Business, Growth and Inclusion: Tackling Youth Unemployment in Cities, Towns and Townships

No Country for Young People: The Crisis of Youth Unemployment and What to Do About It

Democratic Alternative from the South: India, Brazil and South Africa

South Africa and the Pursuit of Inclusive Growth

Middle Classes of India, Kenya and South Africa

Rising Middle Classes in India, Brazil and South Africa: What is Happening and What are the Implications

Democracy Works 2014 The Democratic Alternative from the South India, Brazil, and South Africa

Cities of Hope Young People and Opportunity in South Africa’s Cities

The Democratic Alternative from the South - India, Brazil, and South Africa

Growth in a Time of Uncertainty Does South Africa Have a Growth Plan?

Jobs for Young People Is a Wage Subsidy a Good Idea?

Special Economic Zones: Lessons for South Africa from International Evidence and Local Experience

Doubling for Growth Addressing the Maths and Science Challenge in South Africa’s Schools

Schooling Reform is Possible Lessons for South Africa from International Experience

Value in the Classroom: The Quantity and Quality of South Africa’s Teachers

Promoting School Choice for the Poor Practical Ideas from International Experience: A conversation among Experts

South Africa's Migration Policies A Regional Perspective

A Fresh Look at Unemployment: A conversation among experts

Why is South Africa failing to get the growth and jobs that it needs?

Labour Intensive Public Works: Towards providing Employment for all South African's willing to work

South Africa's Electricity Crisis: How did we get here? And how do we put things right?

Poverty and Inequality: Facts, trends and Hard Choices

Growth and Development in South Africa's heartland: Silence, exit and voice in the Free State

Water: A looming crisis?

Voices from a new democracy: South Africans reflect on ten years in a democratic country, and the challenges of the next decade