Andrews Atta-Asamoah

Works by this author

Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2020: Achievements, opportunities and challenges

Peace & Security Council Report Issue 126

Shielding Elections from Presidential Influence: Lessons from Cabo Verde, Comoros and Madagascar

Peace & Security Council Report Issue 116

Sudan After Bashir: Regional Opportunities and Challenges

Peace and Security Council Report No.112

Peace and Security Council Report Issue No.109

Somalia : Fighting the Odds in the Search for Peace after the Transition

Long Walk to Restoration : Lessons from Somalia's Transition Process

Besides Greed and Grievances Natural Resource Characteristics and Conflicts in Africa

Kenya's Neglected IDP's Internal Displacement and Vulnerability of Pastoralist Communities in Northern Kenya

Addressing the 'Conflict Minerals' Crisis in the Great Lakes Region

Southern Sudan: the Option of Secession and its Regional Implications

South Sudan: Origins and Implications of Emerging (In)Security Dynamics

Demography, Environment and Conflict in West Africa

Policy Brief : Counter-Terrorism and the National Security of African States: Points of Convergence and Departure

Sanctions and Embargoes in Africa Implementation Dynamics, Prospects and Challenges in the Case of Somalia