Alistair Tempest

Dr Alastair Tempest is the CEO of Ecommerce Forum Africa. He has served as the Director-General of the European Advertising Tripartite; was a Director at Reader’s Digest and was Director-General of the Federation of European Direct & Interactive Marketing in Brussels. He also chaired the Self-Regulatory and Consumer Protection working party of the Global Dialogue on Ecommerce and was a member of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Marketing and Telecoms commissions for 30 years. Upon moving to South Africa, he was elected as president of the Institute of Interactive and Direct Marketing and became the COO of the Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa. He sits on various advisory boards, such as the International Omni Retailing Markets Association and the Young Entrepreneurs Exchange Programme. He has a BA (Hons) from York University, UK, an MA from the College of Europe Bruges and read for his PhD at the University of Ghent.

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