Adam Sneyd

Adam Sneyd conducts research on globalization, development and the political economy of commodities in the Global South. His program focuses on three thematic areas: (i) global governance initiatives for commodities; (ii) perspectives on food security challenges and opportunities; and (iii) ways of knowing about the political economy of poverty. On the first theme, Adam continues to be interested in learning more about approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Africa and beyond. He is currently writing a book on the geopolitics of cotton for Polity Press. On the second theme, Adam maintains an active interest in the politics of food in Cameroon and in Central Africa more broadly. He has recently analyzed perspectives on food security and the 'footprint' of emerging economies in Cameroon's food system. Turning to the third theme, Adam is building upon the approach to understanding poverty south of Sahara he offered in his book Governing Cotton. On this front his latest writing has honed in on African capitalism and the political economy of Africa 'rising', and also on the 'poverty' of poverty reduction in African cotton. For more, see