Abiye Daniel

Dr. Abiye Daniel is the current Director of Publications and Dissemination at OSSREA. He specialized in language and literature. Dr. Abiye’s first degree is in English and his M.A degrees are in Literature and Stylistics.  For his M.A from Addis Ababa University, his dissertation was entitled Socialist Realism and its Implications for the African Writer while his M.A in Stylistics is from Nottingham University entitled African Literature and English Language Teaching.  Dr. Abiye Daniel did his Ph.D in a joint program between Addis Ababa University and the University of London, Institute of Education, where he specialized in Literature and Language Teaching. His thesis was on African Literary Texts and Language-Based Approaches in ELT: A Study of Motivation. Dr. Abiye is mainly interested in teaching language and literature with a special emphasis on African and Ethiopian Literature in English where he has published. Among the publications are: Dunbar’s Ode to Ethiopia, 2002 in the Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of the Institute of Language Studies, Addis Ababa University; African Literature: An Attempted Definition, 2006 Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Kerala, India; Ethiopia in the Eyes of the Beholder, 2007 Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Kerala, India; Ethiopian Literature in English, 2008 Conspectus: A Journal of English Studies, Kerala, India. Presently at OSSREA, Dr. Abiye is in charge of copy editing, editing, and publishing the various manuscripts submitted by young scholars, senior scholars, post doctoral and sabbatical scholars.  Another of Dr. Abiye’s area of interest is simultaneous interpretation from Amharic to English, an area in which he has worked for a number of years.


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