Abel Chikanda

Works by this author

Mean Streets, Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in South Africa

Living With Xenophobia: Zimbabwean Informal Enterprise in South Africa

Informal Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Trade between Zimbabwe and South Africa

Migrants in Countries in Crisis: South Africa Case Study: The Double Crisis – Mass Migration From Zimbabwe And Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

Informal Entrepreneurship and Cross-Border Trade in Maputo, Mozambique

Informal Migrant Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

Brain Drain and Regain: The Migration Behaviour of South African Medical Professionals

International Migrants and Refugees in Cape Town’s Informal Economy

Heading North: The Zimbabwean Diaspora in Canada

The Disengagement of the South African Medical Diaspora

The Third Wave: Mixed Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa

Patients Without Borders : Medical Tourism and Medical Migration in Southern Africa

The Engagement of the Zimbabwean Medical Diaspora

Migrant Remittances and Household Survival in Zimbabwe

Gender, Migration and Remittances in Southern Africa

Medical Leave: The Exodus of Health Professionals from Zimbabwe