Abdelaaziz Ait Ali

Works by this author

Is Rising Inflation a Global Risk?

Impacts de la Covid-19 sur L’économie Marocaine: Un Premier Bilan / Impacts of Covid-19 on the Moroccan Economy: A First Assessment

How the World Trading System Promotes and Impedes the Diversification of Developing Countries

The Impact of COVID-19 in Morocco: Macroeconomic, Sectoral and Regional Effects

Industrie Automobile Nationale Face À La Covid-19: Fautil Se Préoccuper De L’impact Sur Le Compte Courant ? / The National Automotive Industry Faced with the Covid-19: Should we be Worried about the Impact on the Current

The National Automotive Industry faced with the COVID-19: Should We be worried about the Impact on the Current Account?

La stratégie du Maroc face au COVID-19 / Morocco's Strategy Against COVID-19

Manufacturing Employment, International Trade, and China

Current Account Adjustments and Exchange Rate Arrangements: What Regime for African Countries?

La Transformation Structurelle au Maroc et Chaînes de Valeurs Mondiales: Une Vulgarisation du Débat / Structural Transformation in Morocco and Global Value Chains: A Popularization of the Debate

Managing Africa's Rising Debt: Time for a Multi-pronged Approach

Rôle du Régime de change Flexible dans l’ajustement Macroéconomique: cas du Maroc / The Role of a Flexible Foreign Exchange System in Macroeconomic Adjustment: The Case of Morocco

The Role of a Flexible Foreign Exchange System in Macroeconomic Adjustment: The Case of Morocco

Trade Integration in the Economic Community Of West African States: Assessing Constraints And Opportunities Using An Augmented Gravity Model

Deindustrialization and Employment in Morocco

Africa's Rising Debt: Implications for Development Financing and a Sustainable Debt Management Approach

Manufacturing Employment Elasticity and Its Drivers in Developing and Emerging Countries : Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa

Rethinking the Mediterranean Strategic Agenda in an Evolving Environment

Industrial Policy, Structural Change and Global Value Chains Participation: Case study of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt