At the heart of Twende Mbele is a desire to move beyond a network of people just sharing experience, toward a partnership where countries collaborate on developing and implementing M&E systems that improve government performance and impact on citizens. Twende engages with a variety of national governments who are interested to use M&E to strengthen government performance and accountability to citizens. 

The Twende Mbele Programme currently involves four core country partners (Benin, South Africa, Ghana and Uganda), with two regional evaluation capacity development partners (CLEAR Anglophone Africa and the African Development Bank). Kenya and Niger joined the partnership as Collaborating Partners in 2018. These partners are learning from each other and more widely around how more effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems at all levels of government can strengthen government performance. The UK Department of International Development and the Hewlett Foundation are the financial supporters of the Programme, with each of the core partners.

Latest publications

Introduction de Réformes basées sur le Contexte: Adaptation d'un Outil d'évaluation des Performances de Gestion en Africa du Sud et en Ouganda

Introducing Context Based Reforms: Adaptation of Management Performance Assessment Tool in South Africa and Uganda

Strengthening Participation of Civil Society Organisations in National Evaluation Systems: Insights from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Ghana

Diagnostic on the Supply and Demand of Evaluators in Uganda

An African Approach for Gauging the Gender Responsiveness of National Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Capacité Analytique pour une Priorisation Ameliorée et un S & E / Analytical Capacity for Improved Prioritisation and M & E

Diagnostic on the Supply and Demand of Evaluators in Uganda, Benin and South Africa

Analytical Capacity for Improved Prioritisation and M&E

Diagnostic sur l'Offre et la demande d'Evaluateurs en Ouganda, au Bénin et en Afrique du Sud / Diagnostics on the Supply and Demand of Evaluators in Uganda, Benin and South Africa

Revue de Littérature: le Défi de la Prioritisation et de l'Alignement dans la Planification et la mise en Oeuvre du Secteur Public / The Challenge of Prioritisation and Alignment in Public Sector Planning and Implementation: Literature Review

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