At TrustAfrica, we believe that institutional collaboration across Africa offers the best hope for developing lasting solutions to such intractable challenges as violence, discrimination, and economic isolation. Through agenda-setting workshops, collaborative grants, and technical assistance, we encourage African institutions to work together for a safe, free, and prosperous future.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Small-scale Farming, Food Security and Sovereignty in Africa: A Summary of Discussions among Key Stakeholders in Three Regional Economic Communities

Etude Exploratoire sur la Prévention et l'Élimination des Violences Basées sur le Genre au Mali: Zone de Bamakok, Mopti et Koulikoro

Etude Exploratoire sur la Prévention et L'élimination des Violences Basées sur le Genre au Burkina Faso: Les Regions des Cascades, du Centre Nord, du Nord, du Plateau Central et des Hauts Bassins

Etude Exploratoire sur la Prevention et l' Elimination des Violences Basees sur le Genre au Senegal: Regions de Kolda, Kedougou et Tambacounda

TrustAfrica - Newsletter April-June/Avril-Juin 2019

Illicit Financial Flows and the Regulatory Framework for Mineral Exploitation: Arrangements in Cameroon

The Story Behind the Well A Case Study of Successful Community Development in Makutano, Kenya

A Tangled Web The Perceived Influence of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Legislation on Corporate Social Investment in South Africa

Domestic Prosecutions of International Crimes in Africa : Kenya

Africa: The Billions That Got Away

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