Reality of Aid Africa Network (ROAA)

The Reality of aid Africa Network is a Pan African initiative focusing on analysis and lobbying and advocating for poverty eradication policies in the international aid system and development Co-operation. We seek to strengthen the involvement of African civil society organisations in the policy reform on the international aid architecture as well as development cooperation.

Latest publications

Global and National Goals for Every Child: Progress and Disparities among Children in South African Child Rights context

Assessment of Structural, Legal, Policy and Institutional Framework for Implementation of Post Busan Agenda in Swaziland

Assessment of Country Progress in CSO Enabling Environment in Tanzania

Hot in Law, Luke-warm in Reality: Towards an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Organisations in Kenya

National Consultation on the CSO Enabling Environment: National Assessment Report : Summary of Proceedings

Implications of Aid and Domestic Resource Financing on the Post 2015 MDG Agenda

Pan African CSO Conference On Financing For Development Report 2015

ODA and Private Sector in Development Research

Atelier de Restitution du Rapport sur un Environnement Favorable aux OSC(Organisations de la Société Civile) – 2014 Cas de la RDC Compte Rendu / Restitution Workshop Report on a Advantageous Environment for CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) in 2014 - the

Rapport d’étude sur l’Environnement Propice des Organisation de la Societe Civile De la République du Congo /Study Report on the Suitable Environment for Civil Society Organizations in the Republic of Congo

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