Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

The Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) is a non-profit, international organization that links institutions and researchers globally to strengthen policy research and analysis in developing countries. PEP specializes in policy research and capacity building to inform national and international debates on broad social and economic policy issues including poverty, gender, social services, employment, inclusive growth and sustainable development in developing countries

Latest publications

Réformes Agricoles, Emploi et Réduction de la Pauvreté au Niger / Agricultural Reforms, Employment and Poverty Reduction in Niger

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How VAT Reductions on Capital Commodities can Foster Industrialization and Boost Growth in Tanzania

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Entrepreneurs' Attitudes Toward Risk in Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia

Can Off-farm Participation Improve Agricultural Production and Farmer Welfare in Tanzania and Uganda?

Working while Studying: Employment Premium or Penalty for Youth in Benin?

Libéralisation, investissements publics, et emploi des femmes au Sénégal / Liberalization, public investment, and the employment of women in Senegal

The Role of Weather on Schooling and Work of Young Adults in Madagascar

Rural Non-Farm Engagement and Agriculture Commercialization in Ghana: Complements or Competitors?

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