Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

The Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) is a non-profit, international organization that links institutions and researchers globally to strengthen policy research and analysis in developing countries. PEP specializes in policy research and capacity building to inform national and international debates on broad social and economic policy issues including poverty, gender, social services, employment, inclusive growth and sustainable development in developing countries

Latest publications

Improving Entrepreneurs' Interpersonal Skills to Increase SME Revenues in Liberia

Réformes Agricoles, Emploi et Réduction de la Pauvreté: Une Analyse en Équilibre Général Dynamique / Agricultural Reforms, Employment and Poverty reduction: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis

Le Rôle des Investissements Publics sur L'emploi des Femmes Sénégalaises Dans un Contexte de Libéralisation Commerciale / The Role of Public Investment in Employing Senegalese Women in the Context of Trade Liberalisation

Politiques Agricoles, Emploi et Revenu des Femmes au Burkina Faso / Agricultural policies, Employment and Income of Women in Burkina Faso

Industrial Parks as Engines for Economic Growth in Ethiopia

Resource Allocation across Industrial Sectors, Growth, Poverty, and Income Inequality in Ethiopia: A Macro-Micro Approach

Welfare Effects of a Non-contributory Old Age Pension: Experimental Evidence for Ekiti State, Nigeria

Impact of Credit and Training on Enterprise Performance: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia

Subventionner le Capital Agricole des Femmes Pour Réduire les Inégalités et Favoriser l’économie du Burkina Faso / Subsidizing Women's Agricultural Capital to Reduce Inequalities and Boost Burkina Faso's Economy

The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Income Distribution in Tanzania: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

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