Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)

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The Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) is a non-profit, international organization that links institutions and researchers globally to strengthen policy research and analysis in developing countries. PEP specializes in policy research and capacity building to inform national and international debates on broad social and economic policy issues including poverty, gender, social services, employment, inclusive growth and sustainable development in developing countries

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Exploring Spatial Gender Disparities in Smallholder Agricultural Productivity in Cameroon

Contract Farming Can Bridge Knowledge and Productivity Gender Gaps: Evidence from an Experimental Study in Benin

Local Authorities and Tax Collection: Experimental Evidence from Tanzania

Investir Stratégiquement pour Protéger les Femmes des Effets Climatiques au Burkina Faso / Investing Strategically to Protect Women from Climate Impacts in Burkina Faso

Citizen Participation and Mobilization of Local Tax Resources in Benin: The Case of the Taxation of Built and Unbuilt Property Taxes

Market Information Voice Messages Increase Revenues for Guinea-Bissau's Cashew Producers

CGE Analysis of Rural Economic Development through Agriculture Policy in South Africa: A Focus on Poverty, Inequality, and Gender

Incidences de la Stratégie D’investissement 2019-2023 du Senegal sur la Croissance, L’emploi des Jeunes et des Femmes : Analyse à L’aide d’un Modèle EGC Dynamique / Impact of Senegal's 2019-2023 Investment Strategy on Growth, Youth and Women's Employment:

Target Women Farmers' Structural Disadvantage to Improve Rural Productivity and Food Security in Cameroon

Investigating the Economic and Social Impact of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Fund (REF-1) Program through a Gender Computable General Equilibrium Model

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