Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS)

Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS)

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Founded in 1995 at the University of the Western Cape, in Cape Town, South Africa, PLAAS has developed a proven track record of high-quality research on land reform, poverty and natural resource management in the Southern African region. PLAAS also undertakes training, provides advisory, facilitation and evaluation services and is active in the field of national policy development.

Latest publications

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Trade and Investment in Fish and Fish Products Between South Africa and the Rest of SADC: Implications for Food and Nutrition Security

Reconsidering Rural Development: Using Livelihood Analysis to Examine Rural Development in the Former Homelands of South Africa

Women's Participation in Fish Value Chains and Value Chain Governance in Malawi: A Case of Msaka (Lake Malawi) and Kachulu (Lake Chilwa)

Examining Livelihoods and Reconsidering Rural Development in the Former Homelands of South Africa

Changing Agro-Food Systems The Impact of Big Agro-Investors on Food Rights Case Studies in Mozambique and Zambia / Sistemas agroalimentares em mutação

'What is the Value of the Constitution?' Value Chains, Livelihoods and Food Security in SA's Large and Small Scale Fisheries

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